Guaranteed Security

ChemTel ensures safety and security of our clients documents. Access to the ChemTel SDS database is never marketed or sold to outside parties.


SDSs can be accessed from a computer workstation, tablet, or smartphone.

OSHA Right to Know Compliance

SDS Safe can satisfy all requirements set by OSHA Right to Know Regulations by giving employees access to necessary information needed on any specific product.

SDS Safe, an efficient SDS management system for storing and retrieving documents. We manage the database so you don’t have to.

Four Reasons to Utilize SDS Safe

Centralized Access

1SDS Safe can accommodate documents from multiple facilities or manufacturing locations making compliance with OSHA Right to Know Regulations immediate and seamless. Access to facility documents can be controlled by an administrator in order to ensure privacy between divisions.

Private Storage

2SDS Safe contents will only be accessible to authorized personnel you designate. SDS Safe does not offer a Global Database Search function as ChemTel does not sell access to its client’s SDS database.

Ease of Use

3Search by product or material name, product number or manufacturer. SDS can easily be viewed, downloaded or emailed directly from SDS Safe. Document properties can be viewed instantaneously without opening the SDS file.


4The security of your documents is our primary concern. You have complete control over who is authorized to access SDS Safe contents and you are assured the safety of your documents as they will never be lost or misplaced.

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